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Michelle Anderson, MA, LMHC

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor  and a Certified Yoga Instructor I have enjoyed growing my private counseling practice over the last ten years in Bellingham, WA. Additionally I have worked as a counselor at WWU Counseling Center, St. Joseph’s Life Quest Program and Brigid Collins.

My experiential approach to counseling is grounded in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and weaves together mindfulness, breath and body awareness and creativity. I recognize the strength in cultivating  a practice such as yoga, mediation, or quiet breathing and encourage clients to incorporate such strategies into their lives. In my training specific to postpartum mental health I recognize that this is especially true for the expecting mom.

As a mother of three children, I understand the need for excellent mental health care before and after a baby is born. Support for mom, for the couple, as well as support for their new role in parenting is crucial during this time of transformation. After  working with moms over the last few years postpartum, I realized that the work needs to start when mom is pregnant. Negotiating ones life, work, family and mental health while sleep deprived with an infant is difficult. Developing strategies to do this before baby is born makes for a much gentler transition.

While and traveling around the country this past year with my husband and kids, and speaking with women from the East to West Coast, I realized that there is a local and national lack of suitable mental health care designed specifically for new and expecting moms. With this in mind I transformed my private practice creating Mobile Mama Therapy, psychotherapy designed specifically for new and expecting moms.

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