Welcome to Mobile Mama Therapy.

Mobile Mama Therapy is a specifically designed counseling service for woman from fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. Initial counseling appointments take place in our office with optional home visits during the precious time right before and after baby is born.

Mobile Mama Therapy is helpful for any mom needing support during the incredibly transformational time. It is also designed to support those moms who may be at risk for prenatal or postpartum depression and/or anxiety, moms and families who have experienced loss or traumatic births as well as mothers navigating the adjustment to motherhood, parenting and attachment. If you are a new mom or a mother of multiple children counseling will help you to:

  • Slow down and connect with yourself at what ever stage you are, on your motherhood journey¬†
  • Establish and strengthen your support systems (a life line for moms)
  • Receive appropriate screenings and referrals for PMAD’s (perinatal mood and anxiety disorders)
  • Learn and practice mindfulness strategies as well as body and breath awareness to maintain emotional and physical health
  • Develop a routine of robust self care
  • Prepare for the Postpartum Return

Contact Mobile Mama Therapy to set up your initial appointment (360) 393-5114.


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